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About Unbirthday Bakery

I’m Rhonda, a food writer, photographer and blogger. My goal with this blog is to give you the fun, laughter, confidence and knowledge to bake and cook whatever you fancy!

I’ve been running this blog since May 2012, and thankfully it’s still going strong! Before this blog though I’ve had so many other jobs… recruitment for Christmas Grottos (yeah, I literally helped with recruitment for Santas and elves one Christmas!), a Barista, Customer Service, Admin, Finance, and more. It sounds bad to say I’ve had quite a few jobs at this age, but I never quite found my calling! (too cheesy?! My bad)!

I went to Chefs Academy in the beginning of 2013 instead of university as I loved food, and I wanted to have the best of the best teach me… and I loved it. I was originally meant to start a blog to blog my Cookery School journey, but it was SO full on it was mad! I couldn’t even keep up with myself let alone start a blog. My favourite part of the course was the sweeter side of things, so it made me start a blog after the course instead!

It sounds ridiculously cheesy to say that this blog is where I feel comfortable, but it’s true! Baking cakes is my life. I actually prefer savoury food, but that’s our little secret right?!

So far, I’ve found that my readers just adore all things cheesecake, and millionaires shortbread themed. Honestly, I can barely keep up! I love experimenting with different flavours, so I’m always happy to post whatever my readers request!

I love to research in to recipes daily, and experiment, so I hope you like the results! I try recipes from Celebrity Chef’s, other Food Bloggers, and just recipes I come across whether in a magazine, or on the internet! Some experimentations don’t work quite so well, but others work truly brilliantly and have amazing feedback from my Trusty Taste Testers.

I love that when you find the basics of a recipe, such as a No-Bake Vanilla Cheesecake, you can experiment to the ends of the Earth with different flavours and ideas. Baking and Cooking is all about Science and Chemistry at the end of the day, and I love it.