Hi There!

Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to apply to work with Unbirthday - your interest in working with me is greatly appreciated!

I have sent you this link because I have received your email and resume and have read something I think to be outstanding and interesting about you which I think may make you a suitable candidate for this role. Please take some time to read through the information below to ensure that you are still keen to apply for this position, as it is important that you understand what is required and what I am offering. 

Background about Unbirthday: I started Unbirthday after leaving my corporate sales role in October 2013, and after putting a few initial photos on Instagram over the course of the past year, there have been many customer's wanting birthday cakes that the increase in demand has required me to look for an assistant. 

Your Key Responsibilities: Assisting me to bake and prepare cakes for clients. This includes everything from measuring out ingredients, preparing cake batters and cake tins, labelling boxes, making batches of icing, and washing up and cleaning work spaces. The nature of the work is fun, physically demanding and repetitive. I would require you to have an amazing attitude, a willingness to learn and follow direct instructions, and to use common sense and personal initiative whilst thinking on your feet. 

Location of work: My private kitchen in Castle Hill. Unbirthday is run out of my home, which is in a  beautiful clean, quiet and stylish environment. Our kitchen is spacious and comfortable to work in, however it is different to working out of a commercial bakery. I would need you to be respectful of the home environment and treat it with personal care and professionalism. I currently live with my fiancee - who will usually be at work during the time we bake, as well as my sister, who may be sharing the space from time to time. They are wonderful people and very accommodating. 

Hours of work: Currently, I need someone to assist me on Thursday and Friday from 9am - 1pm. The start and finishing times can be negotiated, and there is potential to increase your hours as we get busier.  Punctuality is important and greatly appreciated. 

Rate of pay: The minimum hourly rate + 5% depending on your age. You will be paid in cash or via EFT every fortnight. 

About Me: I am a outgoing and fun person, whilst being extremely hard working and focused. My strengths are in working with people and bring out the best in them. I am passionate about people realising their potential and learning new things - and this would be my focus for you.  I love to chill out on the couch after a hard day of work with a home cooked meal and watch re-runs of The Simpsons or Seinfeld and  spending time with my family. 
I am also a singing teacher, and have students come to the house for lessons. On occasion, I may need to teach a student during the hours that you work, and I would need you to be able to continue with the work given to you unsupervised. 

Start Date: ASAP

Next steps: A phone interview. If you are still interested in a applying for the role, please reply to my email on with a suitable time to talk. 

Many thanks again,